Modern logistics solutions by Elkom Trade S.A.

"If there is a goal, the way will be found"
Andrzej Sapkowski

One of the main problems of the logistics and storage field is the packaging management.
The challenge is:
- raising expenditures on packaging
- learning the culture of working with new packaging
- packaging maintenance costs - storage, service and maintenance (human resource involvement, IT system)
- problems with the control of packaging rotation and its efficiency
- rapid response to increased demand in the high season
- low durability of packaging
- high (per-balance) costs of disposable packaging

  1. Packaging management - issues.Companies have difficulties to determine the full amount of packaging needed in production, storage, transportation, in customer’s plant and at the peak of the season. It often happens that the secondary packaging is lost, destroyed and the recipient holds it too long or returns wrong/damaged packaging. The functional limitations of packaging are: the lack of stacking and folding possibility and economics of internal and external transport. The cost of rotating of the packaging fleet is often unrated.

  1. Problems with efficient use of packaging.

Elkom Trade offers proven logistic solutions in terms of packaging customization and its universalization. An example of an individual solution is a bottle container – its construction and dimensions are adapted to the specific needs of the customer.

3. Bottle containers can be stacked 2/1, containers are equipped with an unloading damper and holes enabling transportation by forklifts. Inside there are belts supporting the layers of the product and protecting the load from damage caused by its own weight.

Standard mesh container is an universal solution. Dimensions of this product in the bottom are 1200 x 1000 mm, what corresponds to the industrial pallet. The container is an alternative to high storage racks because its design and strong construction allows stacking up to 6 containers (5/1) and enables to eliminate the warehouse racks.
It is worth to add that the Standard container is also compatible with high storage racks and provides additional protection for the goods.

4. Standard container with plate.

  1. Standard container as an alternative to high storage racks.

6. Storage of goods in Elkom Trade containers on high storage systems.

7. Storage of folded Standard containers.



8. Standard container vs. octabin.

The standard EURO pallet (1200 x 800 mm) corresponds to other Elkom Trade solutions. An example is a container for fine plastic details (closures). The box is equipped with a door and a special bottom construction what allows to empty the container on the production line.

9. Container for closures on the production line.

Due to many years of experience in designing of optimal logistics solutions, Elkom Trade is offering the outsourcing of the logistics field. This process includes a number of aspects: from the design of optimal packaging through production, the rotation between the direct client and its customers, then the service and recycling.

  1. Packaging management scheme.

Elkom Trade structures are prepared for providing consulting services in the ​​logistics area: from design of optimal packaging, case study, staff training, IT package identification and the development and the management system implementation. An increasingly more common solution is rental of the logistic systems and pooling. The biggest advantage of these services is the avoidance of financial expenditures for the purchase of the containers and the ability to react quickly to the increased demand at the peak of the season.

11. Pooling system scheme.
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